Saturday, 8 November 2014

Shop What You've Got- Week 1

I am 1 week into the Shop What You've Got challenge, and so far I am not feeling too restricted in my choices (obviously!). I am already starting to have a think about what is in my wardrobe, namely my tops. I am finding that I really don't wear the vast majority of my tops as it is, so I think a cull may be needed soon!

I work 2 days a week as a teacher (for the moment), however I dress smart casual, so I am finding my items will work well for work as well as normal day wear. 

I will confess that I had 2 days in the week where I stayed home all day, so I just wore my 'Lounge Clothes' aka fresh PJ's! I also doubled up on outfits and wore the same one twice, but with different accessories. Sadly, I also was unable to get a photo taken in one of my dresses that I wore to work on Melbourne cup, however it will feature again soon!

Day 1 - I attended a Mexican Fiesta hosted by Danimezza, It was a great night where I got to meet some great ladies and drink cocktails. I wore my Black and White Sleeveless Shirt Dress from City Chic. Although, I forgot to take a photo on the day! I wore it with Coral Sandals, A Turquoise belt and a coral and turquoise necklace. I rewore the dress to work a few days later as seen above.

Day 2 - Was my 'recover from the party' PJ wearing day!

Day 3 - I headed off to work in a CC Black Dress, I wore a Black & Green BambooKimono over the top which I tied together at the back to give me a bit more shape. Simple Black Flats were worn and I wore a tan belt with it to work. The same outfit was worn later in the week when I had to run an errand, but I skipped the belt and threw on a necklace.

Day 4 - We had a Melbourne Cup event at work and I wore my Pastel CC Dress with a cropped Denim Jacket and Nude Flats. I had a very hectic day so I was unable to take a photo,but will rewear the outfit next week,

Day 5- This was another 'At Home' day in PJ's until I changed into the Black CC Dress (seen above) to run a quick errand

Day 6 - It was a hot day and I was going to be out shopping. I wore my Denim Shorts, my Plain Black Top (Best & Less) and my Sheer Oversize Top. Perfect for the busy day as it was comfortable and flowy. Later on I attended a market where I had a stall. I wore my light Crop Jeans and  White Top with a chunky necklace

Day 7 - Another busy day of errand running so I popped back on my Crop Jeans and Plain White Shirt, I also added on another Kimono jacket, Nude Flats and a  Rose Gold necklace.

So, all in all it has been a successful first week. I still have a number of items that I have not worn yet, so I am not bored with my choices.

Check out how everyone else is going!

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  1. You've done amazingly well, pulling together some gorgeous yet practical outfits for your first week! I would have loved to join in but after a month of Frocktober, I was too exhausted to think about a restrictive wardrobe again!

    I'm going to have to work out a plan so I can participate next year! Thank you for joining Wardrobe Wednesday. I just love seeing new faces, especially such pretty ones as yours!