Saturday, 1 November 2014

Shop What You've Got Challenge

I followed the 'Shop What You've Got' challenge, hosted by Jo from iCurvy, with interest last year. I was in the late stages of pregnancy at the time, so I was not able to participate.

Let's face it, at that stage I was down to a few dresses that resembled Mui Mui's, as I was carrying a 9.9 pound baby.

The challenge involves not buying new items of clothing through November. Instead, you 'shop' your wardrobe using what you already own. It encourages you to have another look at what you wear, and get the most out of a few items. I have been trying to downsize my clothing for the past year, and have been working on finding my own style. I feel I am getting there, so this challenge will be a great way to reflect on my wardrobe.

I was determined to take part this year. So, imagine my horror when I realised last night that the challenge had started, as November seems to have snuck up on me!

I sat down this morning and wrote out my list of items. I had a think about what I wear often, what I feel comfortable in, and what I love to wear.
I wrote it all down.


Black & White CC Shirt Dress
CC Denim Dress
Black CC dress
Blue & White Maxi Dress
CC Floral Dress
Pastel CC dress


Crop Jeans
Skinny Jeans

Shorts/ Skirts

Best & Less shorts
Denim Skirt
Floral skirt
Striped Blue Black skirt


Plain Black
Plain White
Sheer oversize top
Sheer Sleeveless top
Navy Blue Jewel top


Pastel Floral Kimono
Black/Green bamboo print Kimono
Black Kimono


Short Sleeve Denim
Long Sleeve Denim
Black Knit Cardigan


Black & Gold Sandals
Coral Sandals
Red Flats
Nude Flats
Black Flats


Black Wedge Elastic strap
Nude Heels

1 'Special' item for Marcus' 1st Birthday

Luckily, accessories are not included in the list of 30 items, so my list came together quite quickly. It made me realise that in many way, I have already started to refine what I wear. I have allowed myself one item that I *may* purchase for my Son's 1st Birthday, because it's not every day your child turns One, and every Mum deserves a little something special to wear on the day. I may not buy anything, but I am including it in my items in case I do. You may have also noticed I have a whole section dedicated to Kimonos. I really think they will be my 'saving grace'.

So! Let's see how I go. I will post my outfits at the end of each week, and I will also update on my Instagram when I can.

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  1. The start of the month always sneaks up on me too! I only just managed to link up myself. Oh well. It the participation that counts. Good luck xS