Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Aussie Curves - Animal Print

This is my first Aussie Curves post on this blog. I have participated in Aussie Curves since the very beginning, over at my old blog Sister's Closet. I have left that blog open, so feel free to check out any old Aussie Curves posts.

Animal print is one pattern that generally is always around. Who can resist a bit of leopard print? while animal print isn't something I always gravitate towards,  I have a few items that feature it.

When I decided to dress for this challenge I pulled out a few pieces that I owned. However, it was a sunny, but windy day. I vetoed a dress I have as skirts/dresses on a windy day are not always wise. I thought about a kimono jacket I have, but it felt too dark. I wanted a pop of colour.

That is when  spied my colorful neon animal print scarf. It is a last season purchase from Kmart. It was actually much wider, however I cut it in half as I had found it a bit too full when I wore it as a scarf.

Kimono - Supre
Crochet Top - City Chic
Sandals - Target
Scarf - Kmart

I don't usually wear head scarves as I find they don't sit well and don;t seem to suit me. However, on this particular say it worked. Hurrah! It meant my hair was able to stay in place on the windy day, gave me a pop of much needed colour, and looked rather hip.

I kept everything else very plain, as I was letting the scarf feature. I usually wear a big, bold necklace but I felt bangle suited it better.

I have now been inspired to try wearing a headscarf more often, what do you think?


  1. what a great bright scarf! works well!

  2. I like this scarf, the brightness and the way you have styled it is very cool - woodstock style :). Great blog layout too.

    1. I am glad you like the layout. I did it all myself and am feeling rather chuffed

  3. The scarf totally rocks. I can't wear scarves on my head as they slip off and get tangled in me hair. One day! You give me hope.

    1. I think the trick was to put it on thicker, then fold it so it sits right :)