Sunday, 21 September 2014

Repainting your home - Using Pinterest to gather colour preferences.

I love Pinterest. I think most people do. It is a treasure trove of brilliant ideas, drool worthy pictures and to die for recipes.

Many people use Pinterest to discover lots of great new recipes, plan upcoming parties and wistfully pin craft ideas that they would like to one day recreate (ability, time and materials allowing). I certainly do all of the above, however I have also found it to be a wonderful way to 'brainstorm' design ideas for your home. I want to share with you all how I used Pinterest to develop a clearer plan for redecorating a repainting my home.

 Step 1 - Start Pinning!

I have been wanting to redecorate and repaint my home for a while now, however I had limited time and money to do so. In order to satisfy some of those urges, I started pinning rooms that I liked. There didn't need to be any particular requirement, I simply had to like it.

Step 2 - Look for a pattern

After you have a good collection of pins, go to your board and have a look. See if a pattern has emerged. Do you keep pinning shades of a colour? Is there an accent colour that stands out? Is there a particular pin that you keep being drawn to?

After some time, I found a pattern emerging in my pins. I was drawn to warm grey tones.I even found that I kept pinning a specific Benjamin Moore colour called 'Revere Pewter'.

I especially loved everything about the living room of bloggers Young House Love.

Step 3 - Narrow it down

My dilemma though, was that I was unsure how the grey would work with the cream cabinets in my kitchen. My kitchen/living/dining are essentially open plan, so it needed to flow. I started looking for colour schemes that showed grey with cream tones instead of white.

Now, I had a plan. I was pretty sure that the grey tone would work for my home. It seemed to look good with cream as well. I now had a much clearer idea of what I wanted and what direction I was heading in.

For some, this may be enough. Armed with a colour scheme in mind you might head off to your local paint supplier and be on your way.

For me, I wanted some further clarification. Pinterest had certainly helped me develop a vision for what I wanted, however I was not 100% confident it would work.

In my next installment of this series I will share how I booked a colour consultant to come to my home and help my further clarify my option for repainting my home.

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